Form Type:  NT 10-Q
Filing Date:  4/16/2018 
CIK:  0001687065 
Address:  1900 AVENUE OF THE STARS 
City, State, Zip:  LOS ANGELES, California 90067 
Telephone:  310.843.9300 
Fiscal Year:  08/31 
Description of Business
We are an early stage company with the intention to engage in the business of the production, distribution and marketing of bottled organic coconut water from bulk coconut water sourced from the Philippine and bottled in the United States. We currently have no product, but plan on developing our first bottled coconut water product under the brand name "Koos Coconut Water". Coconut water contains a unique combination of B vitamins, vitamin C., micronutrients, and phyto-hormones that are exceptionally beneficial to your health. A scientific review of pure organic coconut water with no additives shows that it can help to prevent heart attacks; lower high blood pressure, has anti-aging effects, and fights free radicals to help prevent cancer. Our primary business objective is to produce, distribute and market and sell our core planned product organic coconut water under the brand name Koos Coconut Water, which is pure organic coconut water, with no additives.
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